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Postcard Stories is a celebration of the art of writing postcards. It’s the work of writer Barbara Renel

and illustrator Paul Taylor. The postcards link to stories. Send a postcard and the story is the P.S. to your message.

Barbara Renel
Paul Taylor

Flash Fiction Writer, Mother, Dancer, Teacher, Performer, Collaborator, Lover of Textiles. Member of Wigton Writers and The Patchwork Opera.


Barbara lives in Cumbria with her garden.

Illustrator, Disco dancer, Teacher, Whippet enthusiast, Painter, Associate of The Campaign for Drawing,  Drummer, Founder member of the Vaughan Williams Society, Fell Walker, Topiarist, Curator of random facts. 


Paul lives in Cumbria with his partner and a whippet called Tippett


The Box Room –  first published in  A3 Review,  Issue 1 (Sept.2014) 
Maypole Dancing – first published in Structo  Feb 2016          
Wayfarer’s Tree – first published in  The Raspberry and the Rowan, a collection of writing inspired by Eycott Hill Nature Reserve (2017) 
at the still point, there the dance is  - the title is from The Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot 
first published  (2016).
Winner of the Borderlines flash fiction competition (Sept. 2015).
Selected for Literary Kitchen Flash Festival (Nov. 2015)
Blowhole – first published (June 2016)
Winner of the Poised Pen flash fiction competition (Nov.2015).
Selected for Arachne Press Story Sessions, BrockleyMax (June 2016) 
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